Bryce Tanner

Bryce Tanner

Major:  Mechanical Engineering
Hometown:  Danville, CA
Class:  Senior

During class one of Bryce’s kinesiology instructors mentioned the equipment room at Adventure Outings (AO). With five years of part-time work at REI under his belt, Bryce figured a job with AO would be right up his alley. Add to that his passion for rock climbing, his Boy Scout history, and his love of the outdoors and you have the ingredients for a perfect job fit.  So, he drafted a cover letter, took it over to AO with his resume, interviewed for the job, and was hired as equipment room staff.

Bryce is the guy you want to see for all your outdoor recreation gear needs. If you’re going on an AO trip, it’s his job to review the trip list and provide the gear needed. Bryce does more than look at the list and check off items. To insure that students have fun and safe trips he must think logistically for efficiency and balance available resources for whatever situations may arise on a trip. Here is where Bryce’s expertise really pays off. He explains that his biggest contribution to AO is “bringing remarkable product and gear knowledge to the job that you can’t get from just reading the manual.”

Bryce splits his time working between two locations – the WREC equipment room and the Rainbow Warehouse at the corner of 4th & Cherry. He is familiar with every piece of gear/equipment in the considerable inventory housed at both locations. Small equipment which can be rented at the WREC includes tents, sleeping bags, wet suits, helmets, back packs, trekking poles, dry bags, climbing shoes, snow shoes and skis, etc. Big equipment like rafts, canoes, inflatable kayaks, and camp kitchens are available at the Rainbow Warehouse.

The best part of Bryce’s job is the interaction with people, both staff and clientele. He prides himself on his customer service. “I like being able to build a good rapport with a stranger. And they say engineers have no social skills!” His personal drive and enthusiasm certainly disprove that notion.

The ideal job for Bryce: using his mechanical engineering degree in the outdoor industry.

In Bryce’s words:
“My goal is to get students in the lovely and under-utilized out-of-doors we have right here. I want them to play outside more often and respect the outdoors.”