Lauren Pope

Major:  Environmental Journalism
Hometown:  Durango, CO
Class:  Senior

Lauren made a bold move coming to Chico State from Colorado. She didn’t know a soul here and initially felt out of her element, but that changed quickly thanks to Chico Bound. At Summer Orientation she signed up for kayaking with Chico Bound at the Forebay Aquatic Center. She wanted to get involved with outdoor activities right away since she was a river rafting guide in Colorado. She made contacts during her Chico Bound experience who encouraged her to apply for a trip leader position with Adventure Outings. That was three years ago – the rest is history!

As a trip leader, Lauren has a tremendous responsibility to insure that her participants are well prepared and properly oriented to have a fun and safe rafting experience. She does all the pre-trip planning, meets with all participants, prepares all the necessary gear, and transports students to their destination which might be the Trinity River or the Upper Sacramento River. Then the real fun begins! Lauren explains that the trips are designed to be “beginner friendly.” Novices to rafting are welcome. No prior experience required. In fact, Lauren encourages students to try something new.

“It’s important to be involved. It keeps you grounded. Be connected with people in a positive way — for me, it’s the outdoors. AS programs are all about reaching out and connecting with students. It’s a win-win situation. That connection creates a positive experience for both you and for the program.”

Lauren would like to pursue some type of outdoor adventure writing with a focus on environmental policy, economics and wise use of resources. She would love a job where she can be out in the field “using recreation as a catalyst for environmental appreciation.”

Lauren brings a quiet presence to Adventure Outings in addition to her specialized skill set.  She describes herself as “better at giving than receiving” and her gift to others is her compassion and generosity. “The AO staff is like a family. We all take care of each other. I look forward to coming to work every day and seeing familiar smiling faces. They’ve all seen me grow over three years and they’ve been very important to me since all of my family is back in Colorado.”

In Lauren’s words:
“I have the greatest job on campus.  I get to play hard on the weekends. I love seeing people doing something that is such a personal joy for me, and facilitating that experience is the best part of my job. It keeps me sane. Teaching both safety and respect for nature are important to me.”