Luke Adams

Major:  Philosophy
Hometown:  Chico, CA
Class:  Senior

Three years ago, Luke’s friends in Adventure Outings (AO) convinced him to apply for a job and the rest is history. He brought an impressive array of hard skills to the program thanks to over ten years experience in three sports: snowboarding, surfing and wakeboarding. He was originally hired as an assistant trip leader and then was promoted to trip leader. He has lead surfing trips to Santa Cruz, snowboarding trips to Shasta and Tahoe, and will be sea kayaking soon at Tomales Bay. Luke is also a stand-up paddle boarder, and he organized the first ever AO trip for stand-up paddling on the Sacramento River last year. A second trip is scheduled for this spring.

Luke actually wears two hats with Adventure Outings. In addition to being a trip leader at AO, he is also the land and water coordinator. He’s responsible for planning program trips — everything from making camping reservations, staffing, and reviewing scouting reports with other trip leaders.

Luke’s talents aren’t limited to Adventure Outings. The last two summers he worked at the Forebay Aquatic Center (FAC) teaching wakeboard camps, sea kayak training, and stand-up paddle board. When not out on the water, he was working the rentals and lifeguarding — and yes, by the way, he’s a certified lifeguard.

Luke spent two semesters as a teaching assistant in the Philosophy Department. The connection between his course work and job may not be an obvious one, but Luke explains it this way: “philosophy has taught me how to be a better teacher, think on the fly, make decisions quickly, and be a good critical thinker.” Luke’s easy going manner, quick smile, and passion for outdoor sports make him a natural teacher. “People respond well to my teaching style and I can adapt to their learning styles.”

“It’s great to have a job where I can be out of doors and share my passion with others. I’ve taken people on trips who’ve never seen snow or been to the ocean. It’s very rewarding to introduce a new passion to someone — to get out there and tear it up with them!

After graduating in May 2011, Luke hopes to travel for a year and then tackle graduate school or perhaps law school.

In Luke’s words:
“I like to show people they can get out of a rut and do something else besides the party circuit. People see extreme sports on TV and think they can’t do that, so it’s awesome to introduce them to a sport, walk them through it, and see the look on their faces when they CAN do it!”