Ryan Hauschildt

Ryan Hauschildt

Major:  Business Information Systems/Marketing minor
Hometown:  Campbell, CA
Class:  Junior

Ryan has worked in a bike shop since he was 16 and loves to ride, so it was no surprise that he joined the Chico State cycling team as a freshman. It also made perfect sense that he would inevitably get involved with the AS Bike Cart run by Adventure Outings. Ryan worked as part of the bike cart team for two years and then moved seamlessly into the manager position this year.

The Bike Cart can be found Monday through Thurs. from noon to 4:00 pm between the BMU and PAC. It has recently been given a facelift thanks to a grant from the Sustainability Fund Allocation Committee (SFAC). It is now a human-powered bike cart which can literally be peddled to different locations making set-up much easier.

Ryan says that all his bike cart management experience is”giving me a taste of what I’d like to get into later in my career — the bicycling industry.” Budgeting, advertising, marketing, problem-solving, mechanical skills, technical support for staff, and inventory maintenance are all part of his current job.

Thanks to another successful proposal submitted to SFAC, Ryan is spearheading the development of a Bike Cart Bike Shop which, hopefully, will be operational at end of the fall semester. Ryan is very excited to be setting up all the systems for the new shop which will be located in the Rainbow Warehouse on the corner of 4th & Cherry Streets. The shop will offer expanded services including more complicated repairs and greater retail inventory. To keep it affordable for students much of the inventory is used and newly refurbished including frames, wheels, derailers, grips, shifters, handlebars, etc. However, new retail items are also available as well: bike locks, fenders, patch kits, etc.

Ryan’s other big project is organizing bike auctions. Bikes of all kinds and sizes are donated by the University Police Department, and Ryan and his team give them a complete overhaul and auction them off to the public. It’s a great way to snag a new ride at a reasonable price!

In Ryan’s words:
“Come visit the bike cart. You can’t beat our prices at any downtown location and we’re so convenient. Just drop your bike off at the cart on your way to class and we’ll fix your flat, adjust your gears or brakes, straighten your wheels or just do a general tune-up. OR just come by to say hi!”