Teddy Finney

Teddy Finney

Major: Recreation Resort and Lodging Management
Hometown: Chico, CA
Class: Junior
Program Position: Student Supervisor | AS Catering

How did you first get connected with AS Catering?
I started my AS career in two ways. The first was through the AS website looking for job positions. The second way was through the social network I had created through my past playing baseball. The mother of one of my teammates, Mary Cox, works for AS Catering and she told me more about the job and encouraged me to apply. Even though I had no prior experience with food or food service, AS Catering took a chance and hired me. So far I’ve been able to handle anything thrown my way.

How would you describe your current role with AS Catering?
I am a student supervisor and this entails many responsibilities and duties but also is a lot of fun. I am kind of like a back-up manager at certain times, especially because I am the closer of the kitchen usually. I help people work out the kinks and find solutions to questions and problems. My favorite part is serving the customers because nothing makes me happier than creating a great experience for a good customer.

What does working for AS Catering do for you personally, professionally, or academically?
I love working for AS Catering. I have made so many friends and made so many people happy including myself. This job has really shown me what I want to do in life and this is mostly because of my bosses and the environment AS catering has provided me. Professionally I have great teachers and mentors here, just to name a few my boss Don Slater (catering manager) has been a wonderful teacher/life guide. He has shown me the happiness food can bring people even if sometimes it’s not about the food. The kitchen manager, Santina Feye, is the nicest and most understanding in catering, plus she has the best smile. Another person who has just been so nice and helpful is Christopher Burkhardt (CB), the technical director of the BMU. He always has a smile and can talk to anyone, and I think this has rubbed off on me a bit. Academically, I have a lot of free time because AS Catering works around my schedule giving time to go to class and study. Sometimes it can be hectic, but that is what college is all about – working, studying and playing.

What do YOU bring to the table in your position at AS Catering?
I feel like I bring happiness and a “we can do this” attitude to AS Catering. I almost always have a smile and try to get other people to share and engage because the easiest way to be happy is to have a full belly and good conversation. Most of the people I work with bring the best out in me, but every once in a while I get lucky and bring the best out in someone else.

What are your career plans and how does your job with the Associated Students better prepare you for that path?
I plan on working either for a hotel or possibly in the food side of hospitality. I love food, but more importantly I love to create a great experience for the customer. AS Catering is my jumping off point in the hospitality world and I couldn’t be happier.