April Drips

Major: Liberal Studies – Child Development minor
Hometown: Davis, CA
Class: Senior
Program Position: Student Teacher

How did you first get connected with the AS Child Development Lab (ASCDL)?
I transferred from Feather River College where I worked at the Child Development Center. As soon as I got on campus, I went to the Child Development Lab (ASCDL) and talked to the director about a possible job. I kept going back, kind of like a stalker, but it paid off! When I saw a job on-line, I applied and was hired because of my previous experience.

How would you describe your current position with ASCDL?
I’m a student teacher in a class of preschoolers two to five years old. I facilitate activities that help children learn. Basically, I get to just play. I get to be my inner kid all day long. I also assist with planning the curriculum which is a great snapshot of what I’ll be doing in my career as a teacher.

What does working in the ASCDL do for you personally, professionally, or academically?
I learn how to build curriculum in my child development classes, and then I can apply everything I learn to this job. Working at the ASCDL definitely strengthens all my teaching skills. The professional staff here are helping me to get my student teacher’s permit which will make me more marketable. They are incredibly supportive and really care about my well being. It’s not just a job for them. They constantly teach me how to be a better teacher.

What do YOU bring to the table in your position as a student teacher?
I bring a different perspective since I have previous experience at another childhood development center. I have a silly and creative personality, and I love to sing and play the guitar. I sing all the time because music is a great way to teach children. I like taking on challenges. My supervising teachers allow me to facilitate group time because they trust me. I have a lot of drive and a strong work ethic.

What are your career plans and how does your job with the AS better prepare you for that path?
I plan to get my teaching credential, possibly through the Peace Corps, and then teach K-6 grades. I think teaching abroad in a different environment or culture would be both challenging and extremely valuable. Eventually, I’d like to go back to being a pre-school teacher. Everything I’m doing at the ASCDL is preparing me for that.