Brandi Arbec-Green

Brandi Arbec-Green

Major:  Pre-Nursing/Child Development minor
Hometown:  Arcata, CA
Class:  Junior

Brandi is an Assistant Teacher at the AS Child Development Lab (ASCDL) who works with pre-school children 3-5 years old. Summer O (freshman orientation) is how Brandi got her start with the Associated Students. She needed a job and heard that students could apply on-line for jobs with the AS.  She is now a three year veteran of the ASCDL!

Brandi’s natural qualities of enthusiasm, patience, respect, and passion are all put into play at the ASCDL. Brandi says, “My main job is to keep the children engaged.” She does that by helping to plan the weekly curriculum around a specific theme in order to provide an environment that enriches the growth and development of pre-schoolers.  Without hesitation Brandi will tell you that the most rewarding part of her job is “allowing the children to express themselves individually, to find a sense of themselves.” She loves the special bonds she establishes with the children and their families. “My sense of community and belonging comes from being so involved and caring about the children and the staff I work with.” Brandi also recognizes that the feedback she gets from the staff at the ASCDL is invaluable to her professional development.

Brandi plans a career in nursing, hopefully, one that focuses on children. Working in pediatrics, as a flight nurse, or in an emergency room are all appealing possibilities to her. Her job at the ASCDL gives her consistent exposure and work experience with children – a great resume builder for her. “The first hand experience I get at the ASCDL enforces what I learn in the classroom.”

Having a full course load and working two part time jobs has kept her focused, taught her good time management skills, and how to maintain a good balance in all areas of her life. The proof of that is evidenced by Brandi’s ability to find time to volunteer at CAVE in the Excel Program and the Adopted Grandparents program.


In Brandi’s words:
“If you’re not involved you have no right to complain about the way things are done. Get involved, make friends, network!”