Christina Cassettari

Christina Cassettari

Major:  Child Development
Hometown:  San Rafael, CA
Class:  Senior

Christina has worked at the AS Child Development Lab (ASCDL) for three semesters. Her first two semesters fulfilled her Child Development practicum. She is currently completing her senior internship as a paid assistant teacher — an internship which focuses on normative development for toddlers. Christina has developed personal learning objectives which include research, observations, and an interview with a staff teacher for her senior portfolio.

Christina initially worked with the 3-5 year olds, but is currently working with two year olds. Three days a week Christina works a six hour shift. “You can’t be in a bad mood working with children. They share their energy.”

Her hands-on work in the ASCDL and her coursework in the classroom are perfectly aligned. Each experience enriches the other. “I feel well prepared to go out in the work force with a good set of skills in any childcare setting.”

Christina values her inclusion in weekly staff meetings to assist with planning the curriculum. She feels that she, along with other student teachers, makes valuable contributions because the assignments and projects they complete in their courses often provide new tools for the other teachers. “Everyone is willing to learn.  Staff embraces new research in the field that students bring to the table. They are open to ideas and value our input. Communication is the key.”

Christina describes herself as adaptable, flexible, enthusiastic, and someone who communicates well with children and adults. “I have a good attitude about my work. I like being a leader but can take a back seat when needed.” She identifies her strong suit as “initiative – recognizing a need and stepping in.”

Christina is interested in a health related career working with children. But, her ultimate job – being the director of the AS Child Development Lab!


In Christina’s words:
“Initially I was nervous when I first starting working here, but the professional staff was so welcoming. The environment is very collaborative. I love to teach and share the joy I get out of my job with both children and staff.”