Lee Brisbine-Ryan

Lee Brisbine-Ryan

Major:  Social Science/Anthropology
Hometown:  Monterey, CA
Class:  Senior
Program Position: Parent Volunteer | AS Child Development Lab

Lee is one of many student parents on campus. His two year old daughter Zoey goes to the AS Child Development Lab and he is an active volunteer on the ASCDL Parent Committee. The committee is composed of ASCDL staff, teachers and parents who collaborate to develop policies and guidelines for the lab’s learning environment. Currently they are focusing on media and its appropriate usage when children are involved. However, Lee’s volunteer efforts aren’t limited to meetings. He has offered up sweat equity as well! This summer he rototilled all the sand lots at the ASCDL in preparation for the start of school. He and his wife Shannon, a former pre-school teacher, have also donated items for the classroom so help meet children’s learning needs.

Beyond his role at the ASCDL, Lee has volunteered on the AS Elections Council. “I think I brought a different perspective to the process as a parent and a non-traditional student.” He is also very active in the Chico Anthropological Society (CAS). He has taken on the role of de facto events coordinator for CAS. He’ll also be volunteering for the California Indian conference in October and the Southwest Anthropological Conference in the spring – both to be held here on campus.

Lee plans to graduate next December and his disciplinary focus is on ecological anthropology — how humans interact with their environment. He would potentially like to work with Native American tribes via a state agency.

In Lee’s words:
“By volunteering I get to be involved in things I normally wouldn’t know about. As a non-traditional student, it allows me to still get the perspective of a traditional student.”