Allison Barnes

Major:  Recreation
Hometown:  Fairfield, CA
Class:  Senior
Program Position: Front Desk Assistant, Conference Services

“I didn’t know a thing about AS Conference Services when I saw the job posting on line.” That changed very quickly for Allison when she read the job description and realized she had experience in all the areas required: hospitality, customer service, and event planning. Plus, she already had a previous AS job on her resume. Allison had worked in the MarketPlace Deli for two years. She applied for the job and was hired. “My previous experience made this job an easy transition for me. It’s fun for me!”

As part of her recreation major, Allison attended a field school experience in Las Vegas where she worked a computer software conference with 8000 attendees. That sealed the deal for her. She is now pursuing a career in conference management. Her current job with AS Conference Services is satisfying her 560 hour internship requirement. “My major has two options: event management and hotel management and this job gives me a taste of both.”

Allison actually wears two hats in her current job. She books rooms in the Bell Memorial Union, reserves mall tables and the marquee, answers Info Center phone lines, and is the conference services assistant. As part of her internship she has designed a brochure, created a Facebook page, and updates the department’s website. One of her favorite parts of the job is attending planning meetings with clients. “I love hospitality and customer service. It’s my specialty. It’s so fun and rewarding helping people find the answers they need.”

Personally, Allison finds working with students to be especially gratifying. “It’s fun to help them with their event planning and be able to say yes to their ideas.” Professionally, the internship provides her with exposure to a diversity of clients. “I’m applying everything I’ve learned in class to direct real world experience.”

Planning events is only half the equation. Once the planning is done, Allison serves as the house manager for large weekend events which is invaluable experience for her career path. She may apply for graduate school or to a hotel management training program. Ultimately, Allison hopes to work in event sales.


In Allison’s words:
“My job is the best of two worlds; planning events and getting to work with campus and community groups.”