Annie Ruch

Major:  Nutrition
Hometown:  Altadena, CA
Class:  Junior

Annie’s sister worked in Conference Services as a student assistant and recommended that Annie check into doing the same. Not only did she score the Conferences Services job, but that lead to a second job working for Union Operations doing accounts payable.

Annie plans to become a registered dietician, and she recognizes that she is learning a host of marketable skills at the AS which will help advance her career goals. “Working with people, communicating effectively, dealing with people with tact and diplomacy,” are only a few of the skills that Annie practices on a daily basis. All of the personal interactions have really helped her natural shyness. A critical skill she has become adept at is being an effective listener. “There are a lot of details to keep track of in both my jobs and good follow-through and organizational skills are essential.” Annie also had the opportunity to learn a specialized software program for tracking room reservations and, “I’m not even a computer person!”

Annie works hard at her customer service skills. “I’m good with people, and I try to be very accommodating with everyone.” Another plus – she also enjoys helping to train other new student staff. She is particularly grateful for the wonderful relationships she has developed, both personally and professionally, through her work with the AS.


In Annie’s words:
“When I go to my job it’s like taking a break from class. I get to be with fun people and help them out. The AS is a close-knit family which provides a fun working environment.”