Argelia Jimenez

Major: Recreation Administration
Hometown: Coachella, CA
Class: Senior
Program Position: Intern, AS Conference Services

How did you first get connected with AS Conference Services?
I first got connected through a former intern who, at the time, was completing her internship with AS Conference Services about a year ago.

How would you describe your current role with AS Conference Services?
My role is to provide group guests with a lasting positive experience of our building with intent for return business. My role at AS Conference Services is to make room reservations and coordinate services for groups and organizations holding meetings, conventions and other events in the BMU. During my internship, the tasks have grown in depth and in difficulty, which challenges me every day to do my best. My average day has gotten busier as I have been able to balance more tasks at once, and handle a variety of problems. I think that I thrive under such circumstances.

What does working for AS Conference Services do for you personally, professionally, or academically?
I am learning so much about this industry. Every day there is something new. I am blessed to have the opportunity to apply all the knowledge I have acquired through my major, and utilize every lesson I learned in class. It has made this internship much easier. Working for AS Conference Services has given me the opportunity to work close with hardworking individuals that make events at the BMU possible. It’s because of passionate staff members on our team, that our campus can provide a place where students, community and staff can gather.

What do YOU bring to the table in your position at AS Conference Services?
I have been able to apply certain lectures and lessons I have acquired in class to a real life working situation. These lessons have come from my numerous business classes and core major courses that allow me to successfully complete projects my internship requires from me. I am highly motivated, resourceful, and tremendously caring, which all come out while working at AS Conference Services.

What are your career plans and how does your job with the Associated Students better prepare you for that path?
I have grown immensely during this internship period in a variety of ways. I have learned more about the industry, what I would like do with my future career, event planning, organizational department duties, and most importantly, what I can bring to an organization.

I have learned much more about the AS organization including what its future goals are, AS philosophies, and the type of people that it employs. I feel truly honored to have been given the chance to work for the AS. I have learned that I have what it takes to be successful in this industry.