Ashleigh Gray

Major:  Kinesiology
Hometown:  Napa, CA
Class:  Senior
Program Position: Receptionist, Conference Services

Both of Ashleigh’s former roommates worked in Conference Services previously, so it was almost inevitable that she continue the tradition. Ashleigh transferred from a junior college and wanted to be involved on campus right away. “Working in Conference Services is a great way to get your foot in the door working with people, getting to meet everyone in all departments plus all the students who come in for room reservations.” She found the position overwhelming at first because there was so much to learn. “I wanted to quit the first day, and now it’s the best thing I’ve ever done.”

Ashleigh is one of six students who work the front desk in AS Conference Services. She books rooms in the Bell Memorial Union for meetings, special events, and conferences. She also reserves mall tables for student groups and outside vendors, and schedules electronic marquee messages. Ashleigh attends weekly meetings as part of the production team – a group that includes staff from Conference Services, AS Catering, Union Operations, and Theater Productions. The team reviews all events scheduled in the BMU and fine tunes all the logistics required for each event. Ashleigh gets a firsthand look at what it requires to run an operation that books over 5000 meetings/ events per year and serves over 190,000 patrons. “Everyone works together so we’re all on the same page to insure the clients get what they need.”

Despite the pressure of her fast-paced detail oriented job, Ashleigh keeps the mood light with a positive attitude and a ready smile. She enjoys using her people skills, especially with the diverse population served by her department. She credits her supervisor with being a great role model who has really helped her “learn the ropes” over the last two years.

Ashleigh hopes to enter the teaching credential program at Toro University in order to teach Physical Education in middle school. “I’ve played sports all my life – soccer and volleyball. My dad always said, ‘do something you love because you’re going to be doing it your whole life.'” Ashleigh hopes to return home to Napa to teach following in the footsteps of both her parents and sister.

In Ashleigh’s words:
I work in a professional environment where I’ve learned to be organized, accountable, and responsible for making good customer service decisions. What I do reflects on my whole department.