Brooke Lewis

Major:  Marketing/Minor in Project Management
Hometown:  Paradise, CA
Class:  Senior

Brooke provides the Associated Students with a double bonus.  She works in two different AS areas: Conference Services and the Bookstore. Brooke found her way to Conference Services thanks to a classmate who told her about the job. She started working there last summer and now wishes she had started much sooner. “I’m graduating in May, but I wish I had more time to work here!”

Much of what Brooke does in both her jobs is related to her marketing major, so she’s gaining valuable hands-on experience for her future career as a marketing coordinator.  Conference Services promotes AS facilities and catering for a variety of big events — everything from conferences, to weddings, to career fairs, and more. Brooke is often one of the first people clients speak to since she checks on the availability of rooms based on dates and times.  Customer service is paramount in her job so she concentrates on improving her communication skills whether it is face-to-face, on the phone or via email. Brooke acknowledges that her job has given her a much better understanding of the business world and the importance of making connections for internal and as well as external operations. “My favorite part of the job is the people I work with – getting to network with so many people is really valuable.”

That networking paid off when Brooke was looking for an internship for her major. The Bookstore offered her a marketing internship where she earns university credit toward her degree. Her big project this semester involves working with another intern to arrange focus groups to learn more about the needs, perceptions, and buying habits of students.

In Brooke’s words:
“Don’t Wait! Go for it — don’t hesitate. Get out there and find that one opportunity that is going to open many doors for you.”