Geoff Cohen

Major:  Communication Studies – Public Affairs
Hometown:  Mill Valley, CA
Class:  Senior
Program Position: Line Cook | AS Dining Services

Geoff needed a job and wanted to work on campus, so AS Dining Services’ flexible schedule provided the perfect fit. Geoff has been working there since he was a sophomore. He was part of large group hire, so he was hired with 10-12 friends. “We hang out together and work together. It’s a great community and a fun place to work.” Geoff enjoys getting to know customers and recognizing them outside of the work environment. “Dining Services is a great way to meet people, and it’s the perfect school job because they’re willing to work around my class schedule.”

Geoff has been a jack of all trades for AS Dining Services. He has been both a grill cook and a cashier, and he has worked at the deli, the salad bar and at Chopstix. “I do whatever needs to be done – prep, cook or serve.” Geoff’s versatility comes from the myriad other food-related jobs he has held over the years. In fact, until recently, Geoff was working a second cook job off campus. With a full academic schedule and one part time job, he decided he needed to lighten the load.

Geoff’s experience in the food industry has taught him that customer relations are number one. He promotes good customer service at all levels. “When I’m serving I’m talking with customers and selling the food. I convince them to try new things and offer suggestions on what’s really good.” Geoff describes his job as being very task oriented so being punctual, responsible and reliable are critical. Geoff’s minor is Sustainability, and he is very impressed with Dining Services eco-friendly options including local lunches, using recyclable items, and composting. Having his course work align with his job responsibilities is a benefit for both Geoff and Dining Services. He is quick to point out that his job has helped to improve his communication skills. “I really like interacting with management. I’ve learned how to use language to be impactful. I’m encouraged to voice my opinion. The staff likes students with ideas. They listen and use my suggestions. It feels good to be heard and to feel respected and valued. You can’t have a successful business without change.”

Geoff is a huge sports fan and would like to combine that passion along with his interest in sustainability. He’d love a career working in a large sporting facility where there is so much waste. “They are so many opportunities in that setting to make changes that could really create an economic boost.”

In Geoff’s words:
“I’ve learned how to use language to be impactful. I’m encouraged to voice my opinion. The staff likes students with ideas.”