Jake Fitzpatrick

Jake Fitzpatrick

Major: Construction Management
Hometown: Santa Rosa, CA
Class: Junior

Jake started working for AS Dining Services as a sophomore and has been in the Marketplace Café for three semesters where he has done a little bit of everything. He started in the dish room and then graduated to the grill, taqueria, and has been a cashier. Currently Jake is a prep cook. “I’ve refined my cooking skills and cook for myself a lot.  It’s cheaper than eating out. I’ve learned a lot of good tips from the cooks.”

As a prep cook, Jake works the last shift and preps all the food for the following day. When the first shift comes in each morning, everything has to be in place and ready to go “or else everything falls behind for each shift.” Good time management, multi-tasking skills and dependability are hallmarks of his job.

However, it’s not all work and no fun for Jake. “I’ve met a lot of good friends and made great connections in this job. I get to work in good company. I’ve even recruited some guys for my fraternity. I have good supervisors. They’re very supportive and understanding.”

Jake also appreciates the flexibility of the job. “I give them my class schedule each semester and they schedule my work hours around that.” Another big plus for Jake is location. “I live three blocks from campus. I never drive anymore. I walk to work and school. It’s so convenient.”

Jake is interested in nutrition and physical fitness, so he’s considering changing his major from construction management to kinesiology. He’s thinking that ultimately he’d like to be a physical therapist or a coach. In the meantime, he’s active in his fraternity Pi Kappa Alpha and is an avid ping pong player — he even belongs to the Ping Pong Club. Who knew?

In Jake’s words:
“I’m the sunshine in the Marketplace. I put smiles on people’s faces!”