Jeremy Severin

Major:  Credential Program – Single Subject | History
Hometown:  Lodi, CA
Class:  Graduate Student
Program Position: Deli Supervisor | Marketplace Café

Jeremy got serious about looking for a job the summer of 2009 when he was a junior. “I went on-line and applied for everything on the AS website.” He ended up being part of a large group interview of 50 or so students who talked with multiple supervisors about all AS Dining Services positions available. The appealing part of the jobs was the flexible hours which worked with his class schedule. He got a call the following day, was hired, and has worked in the Marketplace Café for three years.

Jeremy started in dish room. “It’s a great place to start – you get to stay hidden away while you get your bearings.” Once he got acclimated behind the scenes, Jeremy branched out to other Marketplace food stations — Savories and the Deli. AS career supervisors recognized a good thing when they saw it. Jeremy was a quick learner, a hard worker and very dependable. They re-directed his talents into the kitchen where he soon found himself working full time. He did all the prep work for various Marketplace food stations as well as kitchen clean-up. Last spring Jeremy was promoted to lead student and managed other student staff in the kitchen where there is a never-ending list of things to be done. Next stop: the Marketplace Deli where he was promoted to supervisor. “I’ve done everything. I’ve run every food station. I’ve done it all top to bottom.”

Jeremy credits his job with teaching him great time management skills so he can balance school, work, and life. The job has also provided him a well rounded experience in the work environment. “I can go anywhere they need me. They can count on me to do the job well, quickly, and efficient. I’m very independent and self-directed.” All that time in the kitchen has paid off in other ways, too. “I’ve gotten all kinds of good food tips. I’m more passionate about cooking now.”

Currently in the single subject credential program and spends 20 hours a week in a sophomore World History class at Pleasant Valley High School. “In my AS job I’m always managing, training, and teaching others.” Those are skills that will be transferable to his future plans. Upon completion of the credential program, Jeremy hopes to teach U.S. History somewhere in California. “I’ll go wherever the jobs are!”

In Jeremy’s words:
“Working here has really increased my confidence. I’ve been put in charge in the absence of a supervisor because they knew they could depend on me. It’s good to have someone put that kind of trust in you.”