Nimanthi Weerasinghe

Nimanthi Weerasinghe

Major: Masters in Business Administration
Hometown: Sri Lanka
Class: Graduate Student

Nimanthi traveled a long way to work on her MBA at Chico State.  She is a native on Sri Lanka where she received her undergraduate degree in chemistry and then decided to follow many of her friends who came to Chico to study. Upon arrival she sought employment on campus and was initially hired as custodial staff in Housing where she worked for two years. A number of her friends encouraged her to look into working in AS Dining Services, so when she saw open interviews advertised, she applied and was readily hired.

Nimanthi has been a Jack/Jill of all trades for Dining Services.  In the Marketplace Cafe she has worked almost all the food stations: the Taqueria, Toppers, Savories, and the grill. This kind of flexibility has given her a lot of experience and made her a valuable asset to the work place. After two semesters in the Marketplace Cafe, a student supervisor position opened and she was promoted to lead student at the grill. “The grill is the most challenging place to work. But I don’t want to always do the easy thing.” She is the first female to have that job, and she loves it. She supervisors 3-4 people on a shift and must see to it that things run smoothly, the area is clean and well stocked, and that customers are happy. “My work is more than just a job or a paycheck.  I get to see how a business is run. I learn how to deal with people and how to insure good customer service.”

Nimanthi relates her job in Dining Services to her classroom experience this way: “I apply my work experience in my business classes and vice versa. The job and the classroom go hand in hand.” She enjoys teaching her co-workers about importance of customer service because she knows that is essential if a business is to thrive. She hopes to parlay her MBA into a CEO position at just such a thriving company one day.

In Nimanthi’s words:
“I give 100%. I have a strong work ethic. I feel like the supervisors really appreciate what I do. I try to make work a fun place. I value the organization. The employees are my friends and the customers are my guests.”