Christin Huckabee

Major:  Multicultural and Gender Studies
Hometown:  Marysville, CA
Class:  Senior
Program Position: Director, Gender and Sexuality Center (GSEC)

“It took me three years to walk into the Women’s Center. I WISH I had been involved earlier.” Christin is making up for it now! Initially, her energies were directed at CAVE where she was a classroom aide for kindergarteners, but she had been a regular attendee at Women’s Center/GSEC events. Time constraints due to a full course load and a part time job were the only thing limiting her involvement.

Christin came to realize that she had to make time for the thing she was so passionate about, so she signed up as an intern at the Women’s Center. For two consecutive semesters she focused on event planning and fund raising. She coordinated events including Take Back the Night, Queer Week, and the annual Women’s Conference. “You can explore different roles here. That’s what I love about GSEC. It’s very fluid. You can find your niche, what you’re good at doing, and go for it.”

As an MCGS major, Christin has four years of education in a field that aligns perfectly with her current position as the Director of GSEC. As the director she provides support and guidance for the interns and is responsible for the fiscal oversight and policies/procedure compliance of the center. “Student run programs are very different than student led programs. We get to make decisions. It’s a big responsibility. You embrace it and acknowledge that you’ll make mistakes, but it’s a safe environment to learn those lessons.”

Christin is particularly interested in LGBTQ rights. “I feel this is an area not well represented on our campus or in the community. Everyone’s rights should be the same regardless of how they identify.” Her goal this year is the expansion of the LGBTQ program which will focus on diversity as a theme for its events. “I want to bring my core values to the job – values which include providing a safe zone for all, using gender inclusive language, and standing by the mission of the GSEC.”

In Christin’s words:
“I’m going to do this kind of work the rest of my life, so why not start now? The GSEC is an amazing opportunity to find your place, to make lifelong friends — to forge strong bonds with others who are equally passionate about a shared cause.”