Kimberly Edmonds

Major:  Political Science-Multicultural and Gender Studies
Hometown:  San Luis Obispo, CA
Class:  Junior

Kimberly’s academic path changed once she became involved with the AS Women’s Center. Thanks to a friend, Kimberly was convinced to visit the Women’s Center and check into an internship where she could earn university credit and assist with programming. Originally International Relations major in the Honors Program, she switched to a double major in Political Science and Multicultural and Gender Studies (MCGS). “My internship at the Women’s Center introduced me to the MCGS department, and those are the classes and subjects I am most passionate about.”

As a Program Coordinator with the Women’s Center Kimberly explains how the center “provides an environment that allows you to make change, to empower other student interns, and to connect with a like-minded community.” Her personal goal is to provide a meaningful experience for all the interns of the Women’s Center by being an effective facilitator. Even though it is a learning environment for students, professionalism is always a key focus.  A big bonus for Kimberly is that she, “takes what I learn in class and it apply it to my work in the Women’s Center. I don’t just read about it in class.” Kimberly’s big event for the center this semester is Take Back the Night which will be on November 16.

Kimberly recommends to students, “Join anything. You join one thing and it leads to another.”  She can attest to the ripple effect. Kimberly has volunteered with Up ’til Dawn, CAVE, and participated in Freshman Leadership Opportunity (FLO). In fact, her opportunity to do “program shadowing” through FLO is what lead her to the Women’s Center in the first place.

Graduate school is most likely in Kimberly’s future — perhaps with course of study in sociology, but she’s leaving her options open. Clearly her experience with the AS Women’s Center will inform whatever choices she makes.

In Kimberly’s words:
“Don’t be intimidated. Get involved. You get to work with faculty and staff and see them in a multi-dimensional way. You have amazing resources at your fingertips if you develop those relationships. The AS is an amazing student run organization. You can have your needs and ideas reflected in the program you work for.”