Nikki Allair

Major:  Women’s Studies
Hometown:  Novato, CA
Class:  Senior
Program Position: Women’s Program Coordinator | GSEC

Nikki’s first volunteer experience with the Women’s Center was as an intern last year. The fall semester she helped coordinate the annual Take Back the Night event while learning all the ins and outs of the Women’s Center. By her second semester of volunteering she was a veteran and proved to be a great resource in planning spring events like the Women’s Conference, Vagina monologues, and the Beyond the Bride and Groom event.  Nikki had definitely found an outlet for her passion. “The drive I have to give back ignites the passion in me. It feeds me. It gives my life worth and meaning.”

As the Women’s Center made its transition to the new Gender and Sexuality Equity Center, Nikki knew she wanted to be a part of that evolution. She applied and was hired to be the Women’s Program Coordinator. In this role she supervises six other interns and, as a team, they coordinate all of the center’s events. Currently, Nikki’s efforts are focused on Queer Week which will be celebrated Oct. 10-14.

Off campus Nikki volunteered over the summer at the Chico Peace and Justice Center. Her goal was to create a Feminist Legacy Binder. “It was a bigger challenge than I thought. I wanted to create a who’s who of women activists from the 1700s until now.” The job isn’t complete, but Nikki hasn’t given up.  She plans to continue that project and perhaps enlist her interns to help.

Nikki’s volunteer efforts extended to the classroom as well where she served as a teaching assistant for a sociology instructor who she considers to be a mentor and advisor. And just for good measure, Nikki recently volunteered as a facilitator for LeadCat, a day-long boot camp introducing students to leadership opportunities on campus.

In Nikki’s words:
“Volunteering is a lifestyle. It allows you to meet people, network, and get emotionally invested in something you care about.”