Sharina Jackson

Major:  Sociology
Hometown:  Lancaster, CA
Class:  Senior

Sharina identifies herself as a feminist, but she wanted to learn more about feminism. “I know my perspective, but I wanted to hear the perspectives of others.” As the Program Coordinator of the Women’s Center, she appreciates being surrounded by peers who are positive and who embrace diversity in all forms. Sharina is currently planning a series of upcoming Women’s Center events: Women’s Bodies Week, Queer Week, and Take back the Night.

Sharina knows the importance of networking which helped her get two other student assistant jobs on campus: one in the Multicultural and Gender Studies Dept. and the other with the Student Activities Office. It also opened the door for her to work with Safe Place as an advocate for survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence. The advantage of having all these connections is that it allows you to “find mentors you admire who will show you how to follow in their footsteps.”

Sharina hopes to become a psychologist who works with at risk youth. Her experience with the Women’s Center will serve as a foundation for empowering kids to be themselves while being accepting of others — all of which builds self-esteem.

In Sharina’s words:
“Get involved right away. I regret waiting until I was a junior to get involved with the Women’s Center. You’ll learn something from everyone you meet and you’ll get your name out there. Get noticed! Chico State is like a big huge family. If you see me on campus, pull me aside and ask me questions about my experience and what motivates me to be involved.”