Alex Kalajakis

Alex Kalajakis

Major:  Graphic Design
Hometown:  Fremont, CA
Class:  Senior
Program Position: General Manager, KCSC

“Music is a great outlet for getting involved,” according to Alex. So, when he heard about KCSC through one of his classes, he went to an informational meeting to learn more. He was sold! Alex debuted as DJ KJax in the spring of 2011 with a show called Beats, Thymes, and Mics. “There are lots of great hip hop artists out there who never get the limelight or hit mainstream. I’ve always been a music narc – always searching for something new and different.”

Alex served as the hip hop director at KCSC for a semester and then worked his way up the station hierarchy. He is currently the general manager for the station and describes his job this way: “I am the face of the organization. I have to make sure everything is in place and everybody is doing their job. I hire staff and handle all management responsibilities.” It’s a big job because there are 115 people at the station including 12 directors, 60 DJs, and a promotions/marketing staff and, more than half of the staff is new this year.

Alex is committed to getting the most out of the valuable management experience his position offers. “I want to bring organization to the station and create a positive image. I see a lot of potential in the station and want to maximize some of the assets that are not being utilized. I brought a graphic designer on board and we’re revamping our website for a fresher look and a more professional image.” As a graphic design major himself, Alex sees his role at the station as another opportunity for growth in his field. In terms of a career, Alex explains, “There are lots of ways to go in graphic design. Connecting design and music opens lots of possibilities and my interests are constantly evolving.”


In Alex’s words:
“We work hard and have fun at KCSC. I want the station to be fun and inviting for everyone. We are not exclusive. Come in (BMU basement) and hang out with us. We consider ourselves a big voice on campus. Come spin some tunes with us!”