Quinn Mattingly

Quinn Mattingly

Major:  Media Arts, Minor in Broadcasting
Hometown:  Pleasanton, CA
Class:  Senior
Program Position: General Manager | KCSC

An announcement about KCSC in her freshman University Life class is all it took to draw Quinn to the student owned and operated radio station here on campus. She signed up with a friend and the two of them were DJs for a weekly show called “Steal Your Focus.” The show featured multi-musical genres and new independent music. Being a DJ was an ideal on-air experience for Quinn’s minor in broadcasting. However, she was wearing two hats at the time. She was also part of the Promotions staff and really enjoyed that aspect of running a radio station. Quinn explains, “The promotions team is the face of KCSC on campus. So much good is going on in the station, but what good is it if no one knows about it?” She became the promotions coordinator and then moved up to Promotions Director where her main focus was establishing a presence on campus.

The final step for Quinn was applying to be the General Manager for the station, and she is now beginning her second semester in that role. She describes her job as being a Jill of all trades. “I maintain ties with the AS who fund KCSC; I ensure all policies are followed; I collaborate with other organizations and I work hard to keep our mojo alive and strong.” And while doing all of this, Quinn takes her role of setting a good example for others to follow very seriously.

Quinn is quick to list a host of skills she has developed through her involvement with KCSC. Those skills include broadcasting, problem-solving, managing and supervisorial skills. “I’m able to apply what I learn in the classroom to how I run the radio station, how I talk on air, and how I advise other DJs. You’ve got to engage your audience and give them a reason to listen.”

Quinn gives her KCSC experience great credit for making her a more well-rounded student. Perhaps that is why Quinn is keeping her career options open. “I want to take advantage of any opportunities in the broadcast world — wherever they may take me.”

In Quinn’s words:
“I bring the perspective of the average listener. We need to appeal to the masses but still keep the station’s musical philosophy intact.”