Will Sperry

Will Sperry

Major: Construction Management
Hometown: Lafayette, CA
Class: Senior
Program Position: Production Director | KCSC

During his sophomore year, Will’s best friend told him about the student-run radio station on campus. He knew Will loved music and thought he ought to go check it out. Up until that point, Will hadn’t been involved with any campus organization, but KCSC sounded like a good fit for him. He served as a promotions intern his first year with the station so much of his time was spent tabling and playing music at various campus events. He spent the year getting a real feel for the station and how best to promote it. This put him in the perfect position to move up to the Assistant Production Director role. In this job, Will prepared agendas for weekly production meetings for a staff of eight interns. He handed out assignments — usually audio and video clips for station promotion. He also attended weekly Board of Directors meetings where staff discussed where to concentrate their energy to grow the station.

The next step up for Will was to become the station’s Production Director where he currently supervises a team of 23 interns who earn Communication Design credits for their participation at KCSC. He meets with four other station directors weekly to determine where to focus their efforts. “Then I make assignments and check the deliverables — that’s my construction management side talking.”

Will credits his time with KCSC for making him more accountable and “teaching me how to take care of business.” But beyond that, his experience with the station has had a much larger impact. It has motivated him to change career paths. “I’d like to do something in the music industry, maybe initially in radio. I’ve played music all my life.  It’s more than a hobby. I’m passionate about it. It must be part of my career or I won’t be happy doing what I do.” Will comes by that passion honestly. He plays eight instruments including the harmonica, ukulele, and mandolin. The station also offers him another outlet to indulge his passion. He can be found in the “on air” room spinning house music as DJ Fix-it. “I’m always on the computer looking for new music to introduce to people.”

During his stint with KCSC, Will has worked with three KCSC general managers. “I’ve seen a lot of change while I’ve been the constant, so I like to think I offer some balance and continuity.” One of the best parts of the job has been helping to relocate the station from its former off campus site at Rainbo Warehouse to the BMU basement.

In Will’s words:
Being in the BMU is an AWESOME location! The space is an ideal set-up for us. When I first joined KCSC, the program was on the chopping block and now the program is ‘locked in’ and lives in the BMU.