Brittney Garcia

Brittney Garcia

Major:  Legal Studies
Hometown:  San Diego, CA
Class:  Senior
Program Position: Penal Law, Co-Director, Community Legal Information Center (CLIC)

As a sophomore, Brittney learned about CLIC from an advisor and decided to pursue an internship with the County Jail Law Project. In this program Brittney corresponded with inmates from the Butte County Jail providing information about case law, penal codes, Assembly bills, etc. “Inmates often represent themselves and request information and forms regarding their appeals or grievance procedures.” Moving beyond the county level, Brittney next applied and was hired to be a co-director for the Penal Law Project. This program provides information to inmates incarcerated in state prisons in the U.S. and as well as some Canadian prisons The program receives five to ten letters a day, “I’m responsible for seeing that all the i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed with the information we provide.” As the program director, Brittney supervises ten interns, facilitates meetings and arranges guest speakers, tracks intern hours, and coordinates a trip each semester to a state prison in the north state area. “The job can be stressful, but it’s very uplifting. I try to set an example for others with my good attitude. And, I’m interested in all of CLIC’s programs. Not just mine. I advocate for all our programs.”

As a Legal Studies major, Brittney is able to directly apply her coursework to her responsibilities at CLIC. “I’ve learned to navigate legal databases and websites for research purposes.” Her work in the CLIC arena has taught her how to work with diverse people, and teamwork is an important part of that experience. “I’m a co-director, so we both have to work together to be on the same page.” Brittney appreciates the relationships she has with other CLIC interns. “Legal Studies is a small population. I’ve known all the people I work with since I was a sophomore, and three of our four advisors at CLIC are also our professors. We’re a family.”

Brittney graduates this may and plans to take a year off to study for the LSAT. She has some potential job opportunities in her hometown of San Diego that align perfectly with her long-term career plans. Her ultimate goal? To be a criminal law attorney and remain in the San Diego area.


In Amber’s words:
“My CLIC experience has reassured me that this is what I’m supposed to do. I’ll never be one of those people who dread going to work. It’s not always easy work, but it’s what I want to do.”