Joey Vella

Major:  Political Science
Minor:  International Relations
Hometown:  Escondido, CA
Class:  Senior

Thanks to a good friend and a convincing class talk, Joey found himself interning at CLIC in the Chico Consumer Protection Agency (CCPA) program. After interning for one semester he moved up to become one of the program’s co-directors. In this role he serves as a resource for the eight interns he trains and supervises. Joey describes himself as a high energy person with a good attitude. “I hope my work ethic is contagious for my interns. In CCPA we do it all. We handle bankruptcy, small claims, probate, malpractice, power of attorney, etc. I think we’re the most versatile program at CLIC.” And the best part of the job for Joey is the challenge. “Everyday there’s something new to tackle. You never know what curve will be thrown at you.”

Part of co-directing the program includes assisting with fund raising events and conducting outreach efforts to spread the word about the free legal services that CLIC offers. Joey has also acquired a wide array of other valuable skills. “At CLIC I’ve learned how to do legal research, understand contracts, prepare documentation, and manage my program’s budget. Joey knows that his CLIC experience will serve as a great professional reference. He’s just not quite sure where he’ll use that reference in the future. “I don’t have immediate plans after graduation. I’m still looking, but I would love to travel.”

Joey is one of 18 program directors at CLIC. “We all connect as a team both in and out of the office. We meet weekly and brainstorm ways to be better serve our clients.” For Joey the bottom line is simple: “I like helping people and being able to give back — especially when I know people need help.”

Joey gives great credit to the supervising attorneys who lend their expertise to CLIC. “They are nothing less than phenomenal. They have great attitudes and they’re so understanding with students. They do this year after year and have such patience.”

Joey contends that, “…working at CLIC is the ideal stepping stone for being an active productive citizen in your community. It gives students the chance to glimpse life beyond the campus.”

In Joey’s words:
“I’ve always been on a sports team and I think of CLIC as a team. We’re a community of people with a common goal – assisting people in need.  I’ve only been here two years and I can’t think of any club or group I could’ve belonged to that has more impact.”