Stephanie Leland

Stephanie Leland

Major: Legal Studies
Hometown: Redding, CA
Class: Senior
Program Position: Administrative Director | CLIC

Both of Stephanie’s parents are Chico alumni, and her mom persuaded her to take a tour of the CLIC offices during Chico Preview day. The seed was planted! At the end of her sophomore year, Stephanie was hired to work as an intern in the Housing Law Project  at CLIC for the summer. She remained there as an intern for the fall semester, and then had the opportunity to become the director of the program in the spring. Her experience was such a positive one that she stayed on another full year working alongside a co-director for the program.

The Housing Law Project provides legal information to clients on all tenant and landlord issues – everything from security deposits, notices, eviction, and habitability. As the program director, Stephanie supervised 12 interns and gained valuable skills in legal research, identifying issues, case law, and civil and safety codes. “We get hands-on training and experience. We often deal with clients who may be down to their last option. If we can provide them with information that may be life changing for them, it’s so rewarding.”

Stephanie’s CLIC experience is culminating this year as she fills the role of Administrative Director. She has oversight for all 12 CLIC programs along with a co-director. “We work well as a team because our different personality types complement one another.” Stephanie has much to offer at CLIC. “I’m a hard worker, a good observer, and a real people person. I get things done. There’s a point at which you stop talking and just get the job done.” Setting goals and accomplishing them while demonstrating professionalism are hallmarks of Stephanie’s work ethic.

Stephanie is minoring in Criminal justice, but she seems to have found her passion in civil law. “Torts are fun! Ultimately I’d like to go to law school, but I think my next step will be getting more experience as a paralegal while saving money to go to law school.”

In Stephanie’s words:
“The great thing about CLIC is that it has 12 different departments, so as an intern you can sample different areas of the law to see how you might want to move forward before you take the LSAT and apply to law school.”