Victor Ceja

Major: Legal Studies
Hometown: Ukiah, CA
Class: Senior
Program Position: Administrative Director | CLIC

How did you first get connected with Community Legal Information Center?
A class talk in my legal studies class! I heard it the day a mass CLIC intern meeting was scheduled, so I went to the meeting and ended up working in their Community Outreach Dept. After a semester there, I interned with the Family Law Project and from there I became the director of the Chico Consumer Protection Agency. I learned so much in that program: contracts, bankruptcy, foreclosures, and small claims – all things related to consumer’s rights. We do research for clients regarding the laws and codes to find the options that best fit their specific situation.

How would you describe your current position with CLIC?
I’m very fortunate to be the administrative co-director of CLIC. This is, without a doubt, the most important experience I’ve had in college. I supervise about 115 interns and student directors. I help them achieve their goals so that we can give our clients what they need. The best part is watching the interns learn and grown just as I did.

I’m responsible for registering all the staff for university credit in Political Science. I prepare reports for the AS and for the City of Chico, track program statistics, facilitate meetings including the CLIC Board of Directors, and help monitor the fiscal operations of CLIC. As an undergraduate, I get to work with all types of professional staff who are very supportive. I meet weekly with supervising attorneys. One of our supervising attorneys is Teddy DeLorenzo and she is my personal mentor. She is amazing and I can’t thank her enough!

What does working for CLIC do for you personally, professionally, or academically?
It has given me great confidence and the legal skills I need to pursue law school. There is the book learning part of college that is academic, but CLIC provides me with the opportunity to practice what I learn. I get to work with real case scenarios which have really enhanced my learning. It has been an eye opening experience for me, and one that will put me ahead of others in the pursuit of my law degree.

What do YOU bring to the table in your position as the AD at CLIC?
I’m productive and I like to get things done, but I don’t act hastily. I like to think things through before acting. I’m calm and serene, and I want people to work things out together. I think I work well with staff and we have mutual respect for each other.

What are your career plans and how does your job with CLIC better prepare you for that path?
I graduate in May and plan to take a year off to work and study for the LSAT. I’ve grown so much thanks to my CLIC experience that I feel very confident about pursuing law school. I like doing negotiations and business, so I might end up in real estate or corporate law, or even patent law.