Marco Poort

Marco Poort

Major:  Electrical Engineering
Hometown:  Davis, CA
Class:  Sophomore
Program Position: Compost Education Coordinator

As a freshman, Marco lived on campus near the Sustainability House and heard about the Stewards of Sustainability program from a friend. The program offered hour-long weekly seminars on various sustainability topics. Marco attended some of the seminars and was motivated to visit the Compost Display Area (CDA) which is managed by AS Sustainability. One visit and he was hooked. He decided to volunteer at the CDA where he did basic gardening, composting, and learned how to collect worm castings. His enthusiasm for the work did not go unnoticed. He was recruited to be one of two Compost Education Coordinators at the end of his freshman year and has now begun his year-long commitment to that position.

“My job is to maintain the garden, the worm bins, and to educate people on how and why to compost.” Marco encourages people to drop by the compost display area during open hours to visit and learn more. “If you have bins, we can provide you with worms to get started. We also can do presentations upon request in classes or residence halls. We can do a 30 minute to an hour overview of composting with a Power Point presentation.”

Marco is very focused and knowledgeable about the processes that go on in landfills and is interested in streamlining practices. “I bring facts and science to the table — more of a view from the industrial side since I’m in engineering.”

Marco hopes to find work in private industry after graduation. As an electrical engineer he would like to develop solar technology that uses replaceable materials to reduce the amount of semi-conductors used and discarded.

In Marco’s words:
“We have finite resources in a finite space which has caused a recent shift in the mindset of engineers. How can you use something now AND later or are there trade-offs?”