Tyler Boyle

Tyler Boyle

Major: Geography and Planning
Hometown: South Lake Tahoe, CA
Class: Senior

Tyler came to Chico State as a transfer student and initially struggled with the change. He felt a good way to rebound would be finding a campus job to create some stability in his life. A friend who worked at AS Recycling suggested he apply for a job there. Tyler was readily hired and has been with AS Recycling for three semesters. “It has really opened my eyes to the amount of waste created on campus. We want to divert as much waste as possible to be re-used instead of sitting in landfills.”

For two semesters he worked as a recycling assistant and then was promoted to safety and operations supervisor in fall 2010. Tyler’s job requires that he be in the field and in the office — the office being the recycling warehouse on W. 4th and Cherry Streets right off campus. When he’s in the field he’s doing collections for paper, cans and bottles. When he’s in the warehouse office he’s responding to special requests for services and assigning appropriate staff for follow-through. A key component of Tyler’s job includes training and safety checks for student employees and their equipment and supplies. He also insures that all vehicles are in good working order. Helping to keep the warehouse clean and organized is a never-ending job since it is a very successful recycling drop-off center for the entire community.

Tyler supervises 10-15 students and assists in hiring new staff. “My experience at AS Recycling has given me a leadership opportunity I never would have had otherwise. Working for the AS has exposed me to the impact/influence that student participation can have. I wish I had done it sooner.” His advice for other students: “Find the program that appeals to you and go for it!”

Tyler recognizes that the three Rs’s – reduce, reuse, recycle – are principles that he can apply to any career he chooses. “No matter where I go, I will continue to build on my recycling knowledge.” And where will Tyler go after graduation? He is interested in environmental restoration as a career focus. Initially, he would like to be an environmental consultant to a governmental agency to get some work experience under his belt. Then he’d like to return to school for a more specialized master’s degree.

In Tyler’s words:
“I’ve made changes in my lifestyle because of the personal values I’ve taken from the job. I think about the choices I make and why they’re important.”