Elyse Gutowski

Major:  Legal Studies
Hometown:  Vacaville, CA
Class:  Junior

Chances are you’ve run into Elyse somewhere in the Associated Students because she’s everywhere! She works in Government Affairs as support staff and can be found at the front desk three days a week. When she’s not there, you might find her at CAVE where she is a group leader for the Wise Kid, Healthy Kid program. Not only is she on CAVE staff, but she has volunteered in three CAVE programs. And there’s more.

Elyse is a paralegal intern at CLIC in the Women’s Law program. She has a passion for serving women and would eventually like to attend law school. She is also a member of the Legislative Affairs Council, and in her spare time she has a starring role in the Women’s Center production of “Vagina Monologues.”

Elyse has worked the front desk in Government Affairs since her sophomore year and describes the job this way: “We’re the gateway to getting involved with the AS. I try to connect students with officers. I’ve built on all my knowledge of AS programs, councils, elections. I feel like I know everything going on in the AS and can share with others.” Elyse takes pride in being a valuable resource for other students. “I try to create a comfortable environment wherever I work. I don’t want students to feel intimidated about coming into Government Affairs.” And, Elyse is quick to point out the perks of her job. “I’ve met our campus leaders and get to work alongside them. Plus, I’ve improved my communication, time management, and organizational skills.”

Finding time to be this involved outside the classroom is a hallmark of Elyse’s personal values. “I know it sounds simple, but my life’s goal is to make a difference, no matter how small. The reason I do all this is because doing something for other people is what I was meant to do. And, working in Government Affairs has opened all these doors for me.”

After graduating Elyse would like to make a two year commitment to teach in low-income rural communities with Teach for America.

In Elyse’s words:
“I have such respect for all we do at the AS.  The AS is much more than the events you hear about.  It offers employment, opportunities for service, and provides tools for learning important skills.  The AS has the potential to serve every single student in some way.”