Jaypinderpal Virdee

Jaypinderpal Virdee

Major:  Business and Communication
Hometown:  Ilfrod, Essex | England
Class:  Sophomore

Jay’s high school track record for leadership has seamlessly moved forward to college. When he came to Summer Orientation and saw the student body president, Jay walked up to him with a big smile and said, “I’m going to be the AS President one day.” He jumped in with both feet his first year on campus by joining Freshmen Leadership Opportunity (FLO) and volunteering at CAVE. FLO exposed him to all the leadership possibilities in the Associated Students, and CAVE allowed him to pursue his commitment to community service by volunteering in two kids programs.

While serving as a group leader in CAVE’s Tutorial Program, Jay decided to run for a student government office. He saw the Commissioner of Community Affairs position as a good transition from service at CAVE to being an elected officer of the AS. He ran a successful campaign spring 2010 and is now serving a year-long term as commissioner. In the meantime, he had been selected to be a residence hall advisor, so he had to choose one or the other since both positions involve big time commitments. As Jay explained, “I looked at my core values and determined I could have larger positive impact as an AS commissioner.”

Jay has wasted no time in trying to make that positive impact. He partnered with CADEC to promote the Walk of Influence event this fall and is working to expand the Cats in Community event — a one day campus service project. His ultimate goal is to lay the foundations for a Student Organizations Congress. He envisions this group of representatives meeting monthly to give students a platform to speak up and advocate for issues important to them.

Jay has a strong work ethic and is committed to doing something for the greater good. He acknowledges that he represents 16,000 students and must be open-minded as he researches how he can best fulfill his advocacy role. “Once you’re an AS officer, all kinds of opportunities open up for you. You get great ‘real world’ experience. In my position I get to improve student relations with the Chico community. The best thing about my position is the people I get to meet. I learn from everyone. And I like to spark an idea with people and get them to run with it.”

In Jay’s words:
“Create your own Chico State Experience. Get your feet wet and find your passion! Don’t be afraid of failure. Grow and learn from mistakes. You must follow up on your failures in order to create successes.”