Austin Huddleson

Major:  Undeclared
Hometown:  Durham, CA
Class:  Sophomore
Program Position: Facilitator, Freshmen Leadership Opportunity (FLO)

As a freshman commuter student Austin knew he needed to get involved to meet people. While at Summer Orientation he asked one of the peer advisors about Freshmen Leadership Opportunity (FLO). The program intrigued him and then he ran into an AS officer at Wrectacular who convinced him that FLO would be a perfect fit for him. He went to the information meetings and was sold. He applied and was accepted, and the rest is history. He immediately connected with other FLO members at their initial retreat and fast friendships were formed. “FLO is a great stepping stone for future AS involvement. I shadowed the Community Legal Information Center directors and they helped me learn to facilitate meetings and how to be more organized. I’m definitely learning NOT to procrastinate!”

As a freshman, Austin took on too much and his grades suffered. FLO came to the rescue and had an enormous impact on him. “FLO taught me time management skills. I have grown in many professional ways and have discovered what I can manage as a workload. The program also provides great networking opportunities. You get to make so many on and off campus connections.” Those time management skills are critical to Austin because in addition to his FLO commitments, he is taking a full course load, working part time in the Testing Office, and is a member of the Speech and Debate team.

Austin has not declared a major, but as a sophomore he still has time. “I’m very social and I enjoy working with people. Teamwork appeals to me. I’m a nurturing soul, sort of a big brother.” As far as his future AS involvement is concerned, Austin is considering the FLO Coordinator position or a possible elected office.


In Austin’s words:
“I’ve learned some valuable lessons I’d like to share with freshmen so they don’t make the same mistakes I did. I take care of the people around me because they really matter to me.”