Daniel Etheredge

Major:  Finance
Hometown:  San Jose, CA
Class:  Senior
Program Position: AS Vice President for Business and Finance

As a sophomore Daniel decided he needed to really get involved on campus if he wanted to be successful in his long term plans. Since he is a finance major, joining Delta Sigma Pi, a co-ed professional business fraternity, was a logical step. Coincidentally, several members of Delta Sigma Pi have previously held the elected position of AS Vice President of Business and Finance. He was encouraged by members to run for that office. “It was a scary commitment. I’m not a political person and I knew nothing about the AS up front.” Daniel turned that around very quickly. He successfully ran for office and then set out to learn all the intricacies of the AS by meeting with staff and former officers. “I asked a lot of questions. I learned what it takes to run a multi-million dollar corporation. I’ve been able to connect the concepts from class to real life business practices.” Daniel has found it especially rewarding to be a part of the big decisions made through shared governance. He’s had to research, analyze and make decisions related to corporate-wide policies like retirement and health care benefits.

Daniel has two main responsibilities as the VP of Business and Finance. He chairs the Associated Students Businesses Committee which addresses long and short term goals of the Wildcat business enterprises (the Wildcat Store and AS Dining Services).  He brings the student perspective to the table as he works alongside other AS and University staff. He is also a voting member of the AS Board of Directors. “My job there is to insure that I am being a good representative of the student body and to advocate for the well-being of the AS.” To do that, Daniel spends a lot of time preparing for meetings, reviewing funding proposals, analyzing financials, developing a succession plan, and meeting with AS directors on a regular basis. He manages to squeeze all that in while serving on a variety of committees and councils. Daniel is proud of the great relationships he has built with students and both AS and university staff. “I’ve put in extra effort above and beyond what is required so I can learn as much as possible to be effective in my job.”

Daniel graduates in May and has already been hired by NetApp in San Jose to be a financial analyst. He was interviewed along with 12 other applicants and is convinced that his AS experience is what set him apart from the competition. Applicants from other campuses couldn’t speak to the same level of responsibility that Daniel could.  “Chico provides a lot of valuable outside the classroom experiences. I wish all students understood that and would make it a point to be more involved. It’s so rewarding and definitely pays off.”

In Daniel’s words:
“You learn a lot of theory in class but some things just require hands-on experience. Most growth comes from making tough decisions – being made uncomfortable. You must do your ‘due diligence’ when making these kinds of decisions. Ultimately, it’s incredibly rewarding.”