Kate Knutsen

Major:  Ag Business
Hometown:  Chico, CA
Class:  Senior
Program Position: VP Facilities and Services

Kate had an inside connection to her elected position as the AS Vice President of Facilities and Services. When she was a freshman, her boyfriend held the same office so she got a firsthand look at the role and its responsibilities. After he graduated, Kate spent another year shadowing the new VP and decided to take the plunge and run for office. She was elected and is now serving a second term as the VP of Facilities and Services.

As the student representative for the Union and its programs and services Kate strives to be hands-on. She visits all the Union operations on a regular basis to see how things function from a student perspective. When she’s not on a “walkabout” she can be found chairing the Bell Memorial Union Committee (BMUC) or the Sustainability Fund Allocation Committee; sitting on the AS Board of Directors and the Government Affairs Council; or attending a Wellness Initiative Committee meeting. She also makes student appointments to various committees with an eye to diversity. Kate takes her role of fiscal accountability to students and the corporation very seriously. “This position has given me a view of the business world that most students don’t see. I’m looking from a CEO level. The decision-making responsibilities are huge.”  However, Kate spent two years training for her position and feels well prepared. She views herself as a good leader but equally important, “I know how to follow. Sometimes you need to step back and let someone else have their moment.”

Her involvement in AS Government Affairs has made her appreciate school more and become a better student. Her interpersonal skills have improved and she feels comfortable interacting with faculty and staff from diverse backgrounds. “I’ve really learned to appreciate where others are coming from and I try to share those different perspectives with others.”

With graduation on the horizon, Kate is leaving her options open. She’s interested in student leadership so she might pursue career in higher education. However, what is her dream job? “Ideally, I’d love to be a horse trainer!”


In Kate’s words:
“I am certain that the experiences I have had and the skills I have learned at the AS will be a driving force in any direction I choose to go.”