Michael Barrett

Major:  Political Science and Philosophy
Hometown:  Escalon, CA
Class:  Senior
Program Position: Executive Vice President | Associated Students

Michael has been active in a variety of leadership roles on campus. As a sophomore he was president of the Residence Hall Association and served on the AS Multicultural Affairs Council and the Student Advisory Council. He always knew he wanted to run for office, the only question was when. Initially he was heavily involved with residential life which proved to be a great training ground for elected office because there are so many comparable skill sets involved. By the end of his junior year Michael felt he has prepared to make a bid for office, an effort that proved to be successful with a campaign slogan of “Serving Students First!”

As the Executive Vice President of the AS, Michael oversees the Government Affairs office and the student-run programs. “I think of myself as a facilitator. My job is to support my fellow officers and provide them with the resources they need to get their jobs done.” Michael chairs the Government Affairs Committee, is a member of the AS Board of Directors, and serves on various University committees and councils. “I act as a liaison and it’s my job to keep people in the loop so they know what’s going on.” Michael prides himself on his ability to motivate people. “I can zero in on someone and figure out how to re-charge them. I inspire others to remain dedicated and energized by getting them to focus on why they originally wanted to be involved.”

Michael describes the start of his term in office as “going 0-60 mph in the blink of an eye.” He is quickly gaining an understanding of how the AS and the University operate as he learns the corporation’s processes, how decisions are made, and the legal obligations of the AS. Exposure to the legal language of AS contracts and the fiscal responsibility of the organization tie in nicely with his Political Science major. “It is rare for a 21 year old to be able to have the real life experience I’m having as a member of a board of directors.” Those responsibilities are contributing to Michael’s effective management of time and resources, both of which are being called into play because of his involvement in Greek life. Michael is a member of Phi Delta Theta and is currently the Greek Week director.

Michael has his eye on law school in addition to a master’s degree in Business Administration. That combination positions him well to work in the political arena. “I’m not sure exactly what that looks like yet. It could be public office or lobbying or working for an elected official.”

In Michael’s words:
“The job is personally gratifying for me because I can have a positive and meaningful impact by helping to shape the Chico experience for students.”