Neil Erickson

Neil Erickson

Major: Business Administration
Hometown: Green Bay, WI
Class: Senior
Program Position: Lead Student | Custodian

How did you first get connected with the AS?
I sent in an on-line application to the AS but didn’t hear anything, so I continued to look for a job because I support myself. About three months later I got a call from the Operations staff asking if I could start work the following Monday. I’ve been here since fall 2010.

How would you describe your current position with AS Operations?
I was hired as student custodial staff and now I’m a lead student. I keep the building looking nice. I clean everything, set up rooms, help with maintenance, and run errands. I go wherever I’m needed. I do all the things that people don’t notice because if they notice something is wrong, I haven’t done my job.

What does working in AS Operations do for you personally, professionally, or academically?
School has set me up to manage people. But you can’t lead if you don’t know how to follow. I don’t believe character is built in the limelight. It comes with time and trials and often out of adversity. In this job I’ve learned to interact with all kinds of people. I get to see everybody in the building all the time. The people you work with make the job – not the place. I work with great people. I’ve learned to be patient, to stay happy, to be a servant. I live for other people, not for myself.

What do YOU bring to the table in your position as a lead student custodian?
I bring a strong work ethic instilled by my parents. I work hard. I look for things to do rather than waiting for someone to tell me what needs to be done. I like to think that my job is to make my co-workers look good.

What are your career plans and how does your job with AS Operations better prepare you for that path?
I graduate in December and I’ll stay in Chico for the time being. I feel I have more character building I can do here. My driving force will be the church and my college ministry. Regardless of what I do, I’ll be able to use the skills and methodology of project management – I’m just not sure in what capacity yet.