Travis Moody

Travis Moody

Major: Business Administration Minor in Management
Hometown: Santa Cruz, CA
Class: Senior

Travis heard from a friend who worked in AS Maintenance that there might be an opening in the department. Travis patiently waited for several months and applied as soon as the job was posted. He is now about to finish up his third year working as a maintenance technician for the Associated Students.

Travis likes to work with his hands, and that’s a good thing because those skills are put to the test 15-20 hours every week. The AS maintenance team is responsible for general building upkeep both indoors and outdoors. If you see Travis outside, he might be mowing, gardening, or blowing leaves. Indoors, he’s everywhere!  As a jack-of-all-trades he might be doing some plumbing, painting, or furniture repair.  Travis also assists in all art installations in the Third Floor Gallery of the Bell Memorial Union. He even pitches in when needed to help Conference Services set up for special events.

“What I love about my job is that it’s always different. Everyday there is something new.” However, there is one guarantee: “The one thing we do every single day is change light bulbs. Travis works from a fully equipped workshop in the BMU basement. “We have every tool you could possibly need to get the job done.”

Travis considers his job to be a valuable stepping stone. “I get to work with everybody in the building. Since I interact with everyone, my communication skills have really improved. I see all these interactions as preparing me for work in the corporate world.” Plus, Travis appreciates the professional examples that career staff provide. “They set high expectations. I like working behind the scenes and I’m happy to assist in any way to help the AS achieve its goals. “His easy going attitude and work ethic are highly valued by those who work with him. Since Travis is often on the job at 6:00 am, he has learned to be very disciplined about his school and work schedule. “I have to be efficient and organized to make the best use of my time. I used to be a night person, but now I’m a morning person. Waking up at 8:30 am on a Saturday is sleeping in!”

Travis hopes to parlay all his work experience into a managerial job for a company in the maintenance industry. Perhaps a manager trainee program with a company like Sherwin Williams will be a starting point. His option in Business Administration is Entrepreneurship, so he is aligning himself to move up the corporate ladder.

In Travis’ words:
“I enjoy coming to work every day. I feel like I’ve done a service for my campus. After graduation I’ll miss the AS and all the people here for sure. “