Brionne Saseen

Special Major:  Human Rights and Environmental Advocacy
Hometown:  Pembroke, New Hampshire
Class:  Senior

Before coming to Chico State, Brionne attended Butte College where she was the co-coordinator of the Sustainability Resource Center and the first Sustainability Coordinator for Phi Theta Kappa. Once she arrived on this campus, she was well primed for the multiple roles she has played in the AS world of sustainability. Her initial connection was with the Environmental Action and Resource Center (E-ARC ) where she started as the assistant director focusing on event programming and outreach efforts. With that experience under her belt, Bri moved up to become the director where she facilitated the internship program, managed the budget, and supervised a staff of four.

Next stop – recycling. Bri became a recycling assistant at the warehouse and then switched hats to become the office manager for the Sustainability program. As the office manager she tracked metrics (volume of various recyclables collected), monitored the program budget, and handled reimbursements. This was perfect training for her secondary role as the assistant administrator for the Sustainability Fund Allocation Committee (SFAC). In this capacity Bri managed the accounting for all the student projects that are funded by the committee.

Bri was originally a math major, but her work with the AS convinced her to follow her true passion – the environment. “My jobs at the AS gave me opportunities in a field I was passionate about – environmental issues.  However, the knowledge and professional skills I’ve learned here are applicable to any career path.”

Bri credits her professional development to all five of her AS jobs and the “real world” exposure they have given her. Opportunities to attend conferences and network both on and off campus have been key components of her development. “My AS experiences have been more valuable to me than anything I learned in the classroom.” Clearly, everything has paid off because Bri has already landed a job before she graduates in May. By the time you read this, she will be working as the environmental coordinator for a large local agriculture-related business while she finishes up her final semester of coursework.


In Bri’s words:
I developed a special major by taking the skills I was learning in my AS jobs and designing a curriculum that would give me a job that I specifically built my degree for.