Courtney Silver

Courtney Silver

Major:  Biology-Option in Ecology
Hometown:  Los Angeles, CA
Class:  Senior
Program Position: Assistant Sustainability Coordinator

Courtney was an experienced event planner for Hillel when some friends who worked in AS Sustainability mentioned that their program had four openings. Not one to hesitate, Courtney applied for all four positions, but really had her eye on one, the Assistant Sustainability Coordinator. And, that is currently where Courtney applies her skills, talents, and passion.

As the assistant coordinator she supervises two student teams. The Real Food Advocates (eight students) focus on sustainable food topics like GMO labeling, fair trade, and farmer’s rights. Their goal is to educate the campus about these and related issues through tabling, class talks, film series, and field trips. A sustainability tour of Sierra Nevada Brewery is on the schedule for this semester.

The second group of students she supervises is the Green Events Consulting Team. They’ll help any campus club or group “green their event” by offering options for sustainable advertising, decorating, waste management, and vendors who use sustainable practices. Developing a green guide was a brainchild of Courtney’s and she has built much of its content on the AS Sustainability website. “I was the first coordinator of the Green Team. It’s my baby!”

Her leadership position in AS Sustainability has offered her multiple opportunities to improve both her one-on-one communication as well as her speaking skills. Courtney comes from a science background and has assisted faculty on research projects which collected data to analyze CO2 output, energy intake, water usage, etc. “I’m able to use my academics in this job. It’s a perfect fit.”

“I have met amazing people and made great friends through my job. The AS is the hub of student life. I get to know everything going on all over campus. It’s such a great way to be plugged in.  I have never felt as much a part of this campus as I do now. I have the ability to affect what happens at this University.”

Courtney hopes to earn a Ph.D. in Ecology and do field research in sexual selection and mating systems. Her plan is to begin graduate school here because she has cultivated great relationships with faculty who have become her mentors. “I would love to work in a research field station in Panama where I can practice my passion. I could run through the forest for the rest of my life. What a fun job!”

In Courtney’s words:
“I bring a good energy to the program. I’m hard-working. I don’t give up. I’m passionate about saving the environment. Knowledge and learning are the most important things on the planet. I love learning and I hope my passion inspires others.”