Lynsey Sammons

Major:  Environmental Science
Minor:  Applied Ecology
Hometown:  Modesto, CA
Class:  Senior

Lynsey is part of the 1% of people who can claim to have circumnavigated the globe — a feat she accomplished in four months during a semester at sea program with the University of Virginia. During her first semester as a transfer student at Chico State she heard a class talk where a student mentioned an upcoming Sustainability Involvement Fair. That was Lynsey’s next stop!  She secured an internship with the AS Sustainability program which resonated with her on every level. The following semester she was promoted to the Involvement Coordinator.

Lynsey’s job is to match students’ passions with one of the many opportunities the AS Sustainability program offers. Working with AS Sustainability has given her confidence, a sense of belonging, and has aligned her with others who have similar passions. It has also opened doors to other opportunities. She is the Regional Coordinator for the California Student Sustainability Coalition which helps to implement sustainability programs on other campuses through grass roots movements. Lynsey is very proud of the resources available on this campus to support student interest in sustainability.

In Lynsey’s words:
“I wish I had become involved sooner. The last six months have changed my life. I am more conscious about how I live my life every day. I try to set an example. Green isn’t just a skill set. It’s a lifestyle. My favorite quote is from Fred Ross, Sr: a good organizer is a social arsonist who goes around lighting people on fire.”

Clearly, Lynsey is a catalyst for doing exactly that!