Monique Silva-Crossman

Monique Silva-Crossman

Major:  Environmental Science-Applied Ecology
Hometown:  South Lake Tahoe, CA
Class:  Senior

As a transfer student from Sonoma, Monique knew that her transition would be easier if she belonged to a group of people who cared about the same thing. “You don’t want to get lost in the masses and the more involved you are the more people you meet.” Her solution: get involved with the sustainability movement on campus.

Monique heard about sustainability efforts through tabling events and the Sustainability Involvement Fair. She signed up to be an intern for E-ARC right away. After a year-long internship, she moved up to become the assistant director of the program. In this capacity, she helped to manage the E-ARC intern program and co-coordinated the annual Ecofest. She found that facilitating awareness and education about sustainable efforts was both fun and rewarding, however, she was soon ready for a new challenge. Then became Sustainability Event Coordinator, a new position where she supervises other interns including a public relations intern.

Monique’s goal is to be sure that all the sustainability events have a take away message. “We don’t want people to have a doom and gloom attitude and feel overwhelmed by all the environmental issues we face. I don’t want them to feel helpless. I want them to know that being active makes a difference.”

In addition to her sustainability work with the AS, Monique is also a park intern with the City of Chico. She assists the Bidwell Park Volunteer Coordinator by leading volunteer days in the park and doing restoration work. “The connections I made in AS Sustainability helped me get the job in the park.”

Monique considers herself an activist and is interested in both field work and travel — the perfect combination for a potential Peace Corp experience which she is considering. “How do I know where I fit in the world without knowing about the world and how others live?” As a veteran of the sustainability program, Monique brings both a passion and, thanks to her major, a scientific perspective to the cause.

In Monique’s words:
“I allow interns to do what they do best while putting a scientific spin on it which offers a different context — more of a big picture view. It’s not environmental scientists who will change the world. It’s everyday people who will save the world.”