Sarah Alvarez

Major:  Journalism/PR option
Hometown:  Laguna Niguel, CA
Class:  Senior
Program Position: CSSC Convergence Coordinator | AS Sustainability

Sarah hit the jackpot at CAVE. She heard a class talk her freshman year and now, four years later, she has sampled five different CAVE programs working with children and other special populations. But it was a seven year girl in the Excel program at the Boys & Girls club who stole her heart making the Excel program her favorite. Sarah is currently putting her academic studies to work at CAVE as a group leader for its Outreach and Recruitment Program. She wants to motivate students to volunteer so they can have the same kinds of meaningful experiences that she has been fortunate enough to have.

Sarah has also parlayed her public relations skills into the world of sustainability. She has volunteered at the annual Ecofest and Earth Day events. Her enthusiasm and expertise will serve her well in her new role as the Coordinator for the California Student Sustainability Coalition Convergence — a conference which brings student leaders across the state together to build community, share resources, plan action, attend workshops, and celebrate all things sustainable. The theme for this year’s convergence is “Harvesting Radicles.” Sarah is supervising a team of interns who are coordinating the registration, the conference schedule, and all speakers. Her goal is to “re-ignite people — to get them to step out into the community, not just sit behind a desk, and make them aware of environmental and social issues.” Passion, education and revolution are the watchwords for the convergence and Sarah is shooting for 500 attendees.

Sarah also works with the Tehama Group on campus to gain further experience in public relations. She loves the collaborative nature of the work. “A collaborative atmosphere is essential. It fosters the development of your message.” Sarah hopes to work in a public relations agency in southern California after graduating.

In Sarah’s words:
“I volunteered at Yountville Veteran’s Home and enjoyed the veterans so much that I went back a second time. You get immersed in their culture and get a new perspective. I love to read so I try to find some common ground with them and share stories.”