Stacy Canada

Major:  Recreation, Hospitality and Parks Management
Hometown:  Orangevale, CA
Class:  Graduate Student
Program Position: Assistant Sustainability Coordinator

Stacy’s undergraduate major of recreation required an internship, so she reached out to the AS Sustainability program and secured an event coordinator internship with a slightly different twist: planning events with sustainable practices. She completed her internship hours in one semester, graduated, and landed a job as the event coordinator for the Folsom Chamber of Commerce.

After getting some experience under her belt, Stacy decided she wanted to return to school for her master’s degree. She wanted to re-connect with AS Sustainability, so when she saw a job posting for the AS Recycling office manager, she applied. After a year in that position she transitioned into her current role as the assistant sustainability coordinator. “I supervise a staff of 24 including team leaders and interns. I also promote and schedule workshops for the Sustainability Fund Allocation Committee (SFAC). The focus of my job is to promote sustainability within the AS.  I’m currently working on an incentive program for employees to ride bikes.” Her favorite event is Bike Week in May sponsored by the Butte Bicycle Coalition. “I love to do anything that gets just one more person on a bike, and I’m a big advocate for bicycle safety and education.”

The list of what Stacy loves about her job is long, but right at the top is working with students. “It’s so rewarding to explore ideas with them and put them into action.” Another big bonus of her job involves her professional development. “The management and leadership skills I’m developing are priceless. I can take them to any job. Acquiring a broad range of skills better prepares me for any career.”

Her job aligns perfectly with her thesis topic, sustainable event planning. Plus, Stacy is an instructor for a one unit recreation class called the Special Events Sampler. “Both the job and my course keep me in the loop and I can help guide students towards sustainable events.” Stacy is clearly headed down a career path of event planning for an environmentally related non-profit, perhaps as a consultant. Helping a non-profit spread a positive environmental message is very appealing to Stacy.

In Stacy’s words:
“I enjoy being surrounded by students. It’s energizing and refreshing to hear their ideas. I love teamwork, but I enjoy the responsibility of a leadership position.”