Christina Lee

Major:  Political Science
Hometown:  Colton, CA
Class:  Sophomore

Christina first heard about CAVE in a sociology class. The timing was good. “I had recently lost my grandfather and wanted to connect with the elderly, so the Adopted Grandparents program at CAVE sounded perfect.”  She applied to be a volunteer and was assigned a granddad who she describes as “quirky, flirty, and a world traveler who went to USC on a tennis scholarship.” Christina’s face lights up when she talks about him. They play poker, dominoes and even paint together. “He’s a very interesting and talented man. But he doesn’t like to lose. If I win, he accuses me of cheating!”

After volunteering for one semester Christina was encouraged to apply for a staff position as group leader in the Adopted Grandparents program, and she took the plunge! She has a caseload of 12 volunteers and it is her job to support them in their relationships with their grandparents. She does that by offering ideas for activities, insuring that visitation schedules are on track, and following up with any issues or concerns that need addressing. Christina sees great value for volunteers who participate in the Adopted Grandparents program. “It allows you to connect with the older generation which offers you a new perspective on our life and culture.”

Christina credits CAVE with improving her communication skills. “I’m good one-on-one, but I get real nervous speaking in front of people.” Learning how to do class talks to promote CAVE has given Christina more confidence with her public speaking skills. But she insists that CAVE offers her so much more. “CAVE is a friendly safe environment where I can hang out and be myself. There are so many diverse personalities on staff and no one is judgmental. I add a different flavor. I’m just fun!”

Christina carries a full course load, works part time as a lab manager in the Student Success Center, and is very active in a local sorority. She says that volunteering at CAVE provides a nice balance between her school studies and work. “CAVE is an uplifting environment. It gives me that extra energy to go on. Everyone at CAVE is always happy. It’s an exciting and upbeat environment that is contagious!”

Christina sees graduate school in her future. She’d like to get a Ph.D. or perhaps attend law school. She loves working with people from different walks of life and with her work ethic and dedication, she is sure to succeed.


In Christina’s words:
“I’ve made friends I never would have met otherwise. CAVE is unique. People want to be there. It’s not a job. It’s fun! That’s what sets it apart.”