Gia Martucci

Major:  Liberal Studies
Hometown:  Dublin, CA
Class:  Senior

Gia’s experience with Community Action Volunteers in Education (CAVE) caused her to change her major — something that happens a lot in the CAVE world. She was originally an English major, but after volunteering in CAVE’s classroom aide program as a freshman, Gia made the switch to Liberal Studies. Ultimately she would like to be an elementary school teacher, but she is hoping to teach English abroad first and, perhaps, work for an educational non-profit before settling into a classroom.

Gia’s volunteer experience lead her to apply for a staff position at CAVE as a group leader for the Tutorial Program. Once she had that experience under her belt, it was a logical step to move up to the coordinator position in the program. In this capacity, she currently manages 45 volunteers who tutor students in grades K-12. Gia describes the program as one that allows volunteers to “make an impression on young kids. By being role models/mentors we can help them with their studies and encourage them to continue with their education.” Her goal is to streamline the program and perhaps find some additional tutorial locations for students.

Gia hopes her involvement at CAVE inspires other students to pursue leadership opportunities. Her supervisor Carla Shields says, “Gia is the role model we hope all of our CSU, Chico students could be. She is committed to her academics, to her community and to her overall goal of being the best human being she possibly can be.”

In addition to her full-time course load and her commitment to CAVE, Gia also has a part time job as a student assistant in the College of Agriculture. For Gia, volunteering is a lifestyle, a life-long endeavor.

In Gia’s words:
“CAVE has shown me passion — I’ve discovered new sides of myself. I’ve become more decisive and I’m working hard in the tutorial program to make it my own.”