Kristina Barger

Major:  Organizational Communication
Hometown:  Livermore, CA
Class:  Senior

Kristina began volunteering at CAVE as a freshman and stayed there for three years. “I definitely caught the bug.” She volunteered in four programs, served as the coordinator of the Tutorial Program and then held two different program director positions. During her CAVE tenure, Kristina served on the Student Advisory Panel where she had the opportunity to talk with various AS student officers. She explored the possibility of running for an elected office and, ultimately, ran a successful campaign for the position of AS Executive Vice President (EVP).

“My main goal is to improve the lines of communication between Government Affairs and all AS programs. I’m a relationship person. I like to help build and improve relationships among the AS officers and the students we serve.” Kristina firmly believes that in order to support the students, the officers must support one another. “We need to come together to work as a team and I like to facilitate that effort. I have an open door policy. I’m welcoming, honest, and I try to be a resource for all the other officers.” Her academic curriculum is an ideal match for her role in Government Affairs. “I see all my org. comm. theories in action in the office every day.”

The best part of the job for Kristina: “I like the challenge. The sky’s the limit. There is a lot of flexibility in my position. I want to focus on making a positive impact and leave something sustainable for future AS officers.”  Some of the challenges Kristina has tackled are learning about AS budgets, chairing meetings and learning parliamentary procedure — all skills that she recognizes as valuable to her continued professional growth.

Kristina’s ideal job would find her on a college campus promoting student engagement in all forms. She certainly has a proven track record for that aspiration. Her involvement at CAVE lead to her selection in fall 2010 as a Radin Scholarship recipient for her long-standing involvement, dedication and leadership in community engagement. More short term, Kristina is looking into a stint with Americorps after she graduates in May. Graduate school may come further down the line.

In Kristina’s words:
“I encourage students to serve on AS councils and committees. There is such a variety — something for everyone. Your involvement helps you learn more about campus and  will get your foot in the door for future opportunities. It’s also a great way to network and build your resume. Don’t be intimidated about running for an office. Each individual brings their skills and talents to the table. Your desire and your goals will help you fill the job description from your own perspective. “