Liza Worden

Major:  Therapeutic Recreation
Hometown:  Sacramento, CA
Class:  Senior
Program Position: Director of Outreach & Recruitment | CAVE

Liza wasted no time getting connected to CAVE when she arrived at Chico State. During her first year on campus she volunteered in three different programs at Community Action Volunteers in Education (CAVE). She credits her experience in Freshman Leadership Opportunity (FLO) for pointing her in the direction CAVE. Liza knew her CAVE connection was meant to be because her personal philosophy matched CAVE’s motto of 45 years Life is for Learning – a value true to her heart.

Liza was such a great volunteer, that she was recruited to be on CAVE staff as a group leader for one of the weekend immersion programs. Due to some staffing changes she was quickly promoted to coordinator of the program. By her junior year she was ready for a bigger challenge, so she applied to be one of CAVE’s student directors. And the rest is history!

Liza is now beginning her second year as the Director of Outreach and Recruitment – the program that focuses on the organization’s marketing efforts. In a nutshell, Liza supervises four other students who coordinate volunteer recruitment and manage a myriad of CAVE special events. Liza is quick to point out all the professional skills she has developed with hands-on experience at CAVE: time management, interpersonal communication, managerial skills, collaboration, meeting facilitation, etc. “I’m able to put into practice what I’m learning in the classroom. CAVE and the classroom fit together like puzzle pieces.”

Elisa Trimboli, CAVE’s CAVE Office and Outreach Manager, describes Liza as “a very dedicated and passionate person with a zest for life. She has a strong work ethic and is always the first person willing to lend a helping hand.”

Liza loves working with special populations and would ultimately like to go to graduate school to become an art therapist. She is eager to network with professionals in her field. But, her first stop may be the Peace Corps, an option she is actively researching right now.

In Liza’s words:
“My passion is deeply rooted in CAVE’s values. I’ve made irreplaceable friendships here.”