Madelyn Eirich

Major:  Criminal Justice
Hometown:  Mountain View, CA
Class:  Junior

She works at CAVE – works at CLIC – belongs to a sorority – takes a full course load – has a part-time off-campus job. Clearly, Matty has good time management skills and embodies CAVE’s motto of life is for learning. “I’m involved in a lot of things because I want to be well-rounded and be able to work with a diverse group of people to broaden my network.”

Matty has been with CAVE for five semesters and thinks of it as her second home. She started as a freshman volunteer in the Excel program which works with kids at the Chico Boys and Girls Club. Serving as a role model, Matty participated in group activities with the kids as well as tutoring one-on-one. That experience convinced her that she wanted to be on CAVE staff, so she became a group leader in the Events and Outreach program, one that she and a fellow student helped to create. The purpose of the program is to coordinate special events for CAVE like the Fun Without Alcohol Fair and Volunteer Appreciation Day plus a variety of fund raisers. Flyers, posters, displays, custom-made buttons — all are part of the creative outreach strategies that Matty employs in her current position as coordinator of the program. For Matty, the joy of working at CAVE is simple: “At the end of the day you feel good about yourself — like you’ve really made a difference.”

As previously mentioned, Matty is a double threat in the AS Programs world because she also works at the Community Legal Information Center (CLIC) where she is an intern in the Penal Law program. Even though she works for two totally unrelated AS programs, Matty believes both will help prepare her for law school and her future plans to become a criminal attorney. Both CAVE and CLIC provide her opportunities to improve her organizational and communication skills; to develop her sense of professionalism; and to challenge her level of responsibility. Matty is quick to point out that her AS involvement is also a good resume builder and can lead to good future references.

Matty’s advice to new students is simple. “Get involved early. You can move up easily in an AS program.”

In Matty’s words:
“Being involved in two AS programs I see myself through a different lens. Both have enhanced my Chico experience. I’ve matured. I didn’t know what I was capable of until I had these opportunities.”